Our Building Process

Quality Control

prestige-designs-excellent-qualityPrestige is unique where the builders take a hands-on approach.

The owners not only build where appropriate, but manage the construction team from an on-site perspective. This approach combined with long term relationships with all outside sub-contractors makes for a build which is second to none. Our project management philosophy goes to the next level with our highly skilled in house customer service team. Ever phase of the build is tracked, monitored and reviewed insuring the highest possible product.

Choose your Floor Plan

prestige-home-designs-pine-lake (1)Prestige is a true custom builder, we afford our clients the luxury of designing their home with our award winning architect.

As a client you also have the option of selecting one of our hundreds of in house floor plans. Ranging from our forward thinking ranch design to a traditional two story colonial.

Choose a Home Site

prestige-designs-empty-lot-ready-for-custom-home-buildingPrestige has several lots for you to choose from or we can build on your own lot.

You can also visit the website of our real estate partner, Mia Banaszak, to view more listings in Western New York. www.miawnyhomes.com.

Choosing the Right Contractor

There are some important steps to take to avoid common pitfalls when selecting a builder.

During the course of deciding on which builder you use to embark on your dream home, you should first compare what is really important, these questions are the starting off point.

  • Is the builder your considering a true custom builder? Are you forced to select from a model?
  • What are the basic allowances? Plumbing fixtures lighting, so on
  • What are the floor coverings?contractor-blueprints
  • What type of insulation is standard and what are my upgrade options and how much?
  • What are the standard windows?
  • Is a driveway included and if so what type?
  • Are architectural plans/drawings included?
  • During the build how is information relayed to you?
  • What type of input are you're the consumer allowed during the build?
  • What is the process for change orders during construction?

These certainly are not all the questions you should ask, but this step should give you the consumer a fairly good understanding of what your end product should be. A builder should have no problem freely answering this question. If any reluctance happens during the course of these questions a red flag should go up.

We at Prestige clearly and openly explain and communicate the answers to these questions, further when a client comes on board you are assigned a customer service representative. This step becomes crucial to insure accountability on our part, while at the same time guaranteeing a smooth and enjoyable building experience.