About Prestige Home Designs, WNY

prestige-homes-8108-floos-lane (1)Rick Graci didn’t have a lot of career options while he was growing up under the roof of a proud Italian immigrant. His entrepreneurial father took great pride in creating beautiful, quality work.

Rick grew up accustomed to seeing his father coming home for dinner covered in dirt, proudly showing proof of a hard day’s work on the construction site. He wasn’t even allowed to enter the house without hosing off outside first which could not have been fun during the cold Buffalo winters! Thankfully for Rick, he loved the building process as well. If not, he probably would not have been invited to the big Sunday pasta dinners that his mom religiously cooked every week. As a result of his passion for construction, Rick went into the family business with the same mission and belief that his father had. It’s really quite simple – every person making an investment in new home construction or remodeling deserves the attention and respect of a true craftsman. Rick understands that a home is the single largest investment most people make and once he is invited to create that dream home, he becomes an adopted member of the family. Even the family dogs can attest to the personal manner in which he approaches each and every project since they fall in love with him and follow him around all day.

Whether it’s a simple cosmetic makeover or a full-fledged building project, Rick puts his whole heart and soul into the ventures he takes on. A family home is the most precious and personal asset there is, and nobody understands that better than Rick. That’s why each of Rick’s houses is one-of-a-kind with its own original design to fit the unique family that fills it. Utilizing a full-service approach, Rick doesn’t simply implement a wish list into a generic blueprint; he creates an entirely customized building strategy where client needs are the focal point and every concern is addressed. In fact, Rick’s best-known quality is his talent for bringing a client’s vision to life, just as they imagined it.

Rick’s commitment to the job is unmatched. In order to find that perfect harmony between function and design, Rick cherry-picks his team of experts, oversees each building phase, and constantly communicates the progress with his clients. As the only builder on site all day, every day, he ensures that his high expectations are being met, that every detail falls into place, and that deadlines are observed. After 30+ years in residential building, Rick has mastered the art of managing seemingly impossible budgets and developing positive client relationships all in the name of creating a family’s most prized possession, their home.


  • 2010 Horizons Home Show – Exemplarily Participant
  • Best Model Home "The Caitlin"- Parade of Homes
  • Best Overall Show House - Festival of Homes
  • Best Kitchen Design - Spice Creek Home Show
  • Best Interior Design - Spice Creek Home Show

If you need any additional proof of Rick’s commitment you could always stop by our Main Street office where you will surely see the muddy footprints leading to his assistant’s office.

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